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Class Descriptions:




The renowned Child/Teen Program was established in 1988 and has become an integral part of Lee Lund Studio. The Studio's approach has always been to provide strong classes with a coherent curriculum. In keeping with these standards, students of Lee Lund are encouraged to integrate disciplines in order to improve their technique. As we have grown throughout the years, our classes have maintained their structure and students can expect the individual attention that is necessary for their growth. The primary goal of the studio to instill in the students proper dance technique through positive and supportive teaching methods.



Tiny Dancer (22 MONTHS - 2.5 YRS):  Children are taught to explore basic motor skills through movement, music, and the use of props. 


Intro To Dance (3 YRS):  Children perform more challenging and complex movements while becoming comfortable dancing on their own.


Pre- Ballet Jazz(4 -5 YRS):  The curriculum focuses on exploring the child's own creativity while adding an introduction to basic ballet, tap, and jazz vocabulary.


Ballet (5 - 12 YRS):   The discipline and vocabulary of traditional ballet is taught to children ages 5 and up. Classes are scheduled once or twice a week for the young and increase in frequency as the program progresses.




A direct continuation of the Young Ballet Program. Within these classes dancers can further their education and study a more intricate and challenging classical Ballet curriculum.



Jazz classes are offered to help further enhance self-expression, discipline, rhythm and technique. These classes are for dancers who want to learn and challenge both their strength and technique with jumps, turns and various energetic leaps. Classes are taught to percussive/popular music and explore various musicality and syncopation skills.



Modern classes help further enhance self-expression, discipline, rhythm, and technique. These classes are based on the Horton Technique. It is for dancers who like the physical demanding, complicated floor work and patterns of movements.


MODERN/JAZZ (12 YRS - TEENS): These classes are a mixture of different forms of modern and jazz.  From Martha Graham Technique to Limon Technique, to traditional Jazz to Contemporary.



Musical Theater class will combine acting, singing and dancing to prepare students for a specific character role in a performance. Class will have two sections, the first focusing on dance technique and in the second half students will explore acting, improvise movements , and learn theatre,staging, & choreography. The final production combines the two while students apply character work and enhance their performance skills.



Tap classes for those students who want to focus on musicality and rhythm. These classes will focus on the fundamentals of traditional Tap and also explore the relatively new style of Rhythm Tap. Class will be a great combination of percussive footwork with stylized upper body movements while enhancing their overall stage presence.



Hip-Hop classes are offered to help further enhance physicality, rhythm and self-expression. These classes will offer a variety of Hip-Hop styles like Popping, Locking and Break Dancing. The class will help build confidence and performance presentation in the students along with giving them some opportunities to create and explore their own unique and natural style.



Company students are chosen because they have shown excellence in the audition and in their work throughout the years. Once accepted into a Company the dancers train at an accelerated pace. In addition to their core training the dancers are encouraged to take classes in all disciplines, this will allow them to learn versatility and diversity in music and movement quality.  Company students are training in a more professional track at Lee Lunds' and will have the option to audition in the future for the more advanced dance companies.  Intro to Performing Workshop are for students 8-12 yrs. Performing Workshop are for students 12 to 16yrs. Junior Company are for students 13-18 yrs. Teen Company are for students 14 to 19yrs


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